Sangria Sunset

Our last night in Port Charlotte was a blast!

The morning was spent making a delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs with goat cheese, salami, and roasted red peppers – yum!

While Andrew and I waited for his parents to return from a morning fundraiser event, we killed time by playing Super Mario on Wii (yes, we’re that cool).


Oh yeah…Super Mario Bros Nintendo 64 was the jam!

When Andrew’s parents came home, we surprised his Dad with a birthday cake! We had picked up a Fruit-Filled Derby Cake from Publix (neither of us had tried it before) and let me tell you, it was amazing! Image

The fruit inside was so fresh, and the cake was moist and so flavorful!

After singing “Happy Birthday” and gift-giving, we headed out to the Crab House in downtown Punta Gorda.

After pulling some strings, we were able to get seated out on the balcony, right on the railing so we could see out over the water – it was such a gorgeous evening!

Peach Sangria!

Peach Sangria!

We ordered a bottle of wine and pitcher of sangria (which were both delicious! The Peach Sangria was my favorite!) along with various seafood appetizers and entrees. We stayed long enough to catch pictures of the sunset  before heading home to pack up and drive back to Orlando.

We did have a litttllle hangup on our way to leave.


This little guy decided to scare us all to pieces and send us into Steve Irwin mode trying to catch it before we realized it was harmless!

Once we were clear of the killer beast, Andrew and I hit the road back to Orlando. All in all, a very fun and successful birthday celebration weekend!


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