Doctors Galore!

Holy moly…if I never had to go to another doctor appointment in the near future, I would be a very happy camper! Unfortunately, that is not the case for this girl.

I seem to have a knack for developing strange ailments. As I mentioned last week, I was dealing with some very odd, very painful “cramps” in my calves. I will explain…but first, another round of “catch up”.

Thursday was a very fun day at work – we celebrated AOA’s 4th Anniversary! We celebrated by having a giant cookout, complete with fresh tuna, salmon, tenderloin kebobs, grilled veggies, a meat & cheese, platter, and so many more delicious snacks! I wish I had taken pictures…I am finding that since I am new to the blogging world, I am absolutely horrible at taking pictures/actually remembering to use a camera. Note to self: I will get better at this!

Later in the afternoon, after much frustration with not being able to walk more than 5 minutes without sever pain in my lower legs, I scheduled an appointment at a walk-in clinic to see if I could get any answers. Though the doctor was very friendly, I was given a prescription for muscle relaxers and sent on my way.

Friday brought a very nice surprise and relief from thinking about my weird leg aches. My bosses surprised me with a trip to the Yolo Nail Salon & Day Spa! I was given a facial, manicure, and pedicure. It was soooo nice!

I was so thankful for the relaxing experience. The Yolo Salon was beautiful! The walls were brick on one side and the other side was full of fun colors and decor. It was a very trendy place to experience my FIRST facial! The woman who was doing my facial was so surprised and excited that it was my first time getting one. She was telling me all her different methods and tricks and was so passionate about proper skin care – it was great to talk with her!

I then got my manicure and pedicure where I was able to sit in one of those heavenly massage chairs for the better part of an hour. Talk about relaxing!

I then headed home to wait for Andrew to get off work. We planned on having a relaxing night of movie watching since Regionals got postponed due to bad weather in Tupelo, Mississippi.

Saturday morning Andrew and I went grocery shopping and then headed over to one of his good friend’s, and coworker, house for a house-warming party! Matt, remodeled much of the house himself and invited a bunch of friends and family members over to celebrate the finished product. His house was absolutely beautiful! I was so impressed with all the work he had done.

There was so much great food and lots of fun playing games of pool and ping-pong. I couldn’t mention ping-pong without pointing out the fact that Andrew is a closet ping pong aficionado! Well, closet to me anyways since I had no idea that he has such a talent for the game! I’ve got a winner here, folks…literally 😉

Sunday I attempted to go to the gym with Andrew to do an upper-body workout that wouldn’t strain my calves. I wanted to warm up though, so I started with 10 minutes of light cardio on the elliptical. B-A-D idea. Andrew had to escort me out of the gym in tears because my calves were seizing so badly I couldn’t even walk to the car. I spent the rest of the day confined to the couch so I would not do any further damage.

Monday morning I made an appointment right away with a general physician that was highly recommended. After some blood work, I went home where I relaxed for the remainder of the evening. Yesterday I received a call from the doctor explaining that all of my water, electrolyte, salt, sugar, and cholesterol levels were perfectly normal – though he was very concerned about my muscle enzyme count being quite high.

That spawned a series of appointments with a couple other doctors to get more blood work and some different scans on my calves. After all was said and done, it was determined that I most likely have what is referred to as, Rhabdomyolysis. Apparently I have mysteriously developed this syndrome, as all of the likely causes do not apply to me. The doctors will still be testing and reading results and I will have follow-up appointments next week, but at least for now I have some answers!

So, for the next couple weeks I will be resting. I am positive this will be quite the challenge and I have already grown a bit aggravated with my limited ability to do much more than sit – but I know it is necessary for my recovery.

At least I get to look forward to Regionals this weekend…assuming it won’t be postponed again 😉 That will be a nice distraction and welcome break from being homebound the majority of the day! Here’s to looking forward to a 12 hour drive!


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