Nationals bound!

What a weekend!!

As I mentioned in my last post, Friday I worked a half day and was then taking off to begin the 12 hour road trip to Tupelo, Mississippi for College Ultimate Regionals!

I drove through about the first 10 hours before calling it a day and handing the wheel over to Andrew who finished off the trip. We got into Mississippi around 3:30am on Saturday morning. Thankfully, we didn’t have to be out at the fields until 10:30am, so everyone was able to sleep in and have a nice breakfast, courtesy of the Westgate hotel.

The women played and won their first game against Vanderbilt, followed by another win against GA Tech, and then a challenging game against Georgia – our rival from last year that kept us from our dreamt about shot at Nationals. Though we lost the game 9-7, it was a hard fight and I was so proud to see all the girls playing so hard! The girls had a break after that to eat, rest, and gear back up for their last game of the day against FSU (which they ended up winning).

While the girls were resting, I went to check out how the guys were doing. As expected, they were 3-0 against their teams for the day and ended the day with another win. Undefeated!

After the games were over, we all headed out to grab a quick bite to eat at Abner’s Famous Chicken Tenders and then drove back to the hotel where the players all took turns ice bathing and then we all passed out for the evening.

Sunday morning began early for the guys. I went out to the fields with them at 7:30am to catch their first game before the girls started their rounds. The Dogs of War won against LSU to put them into the semi-finals against UF. After a hard-fought win, the guys headed into the finals against GA to win first place at Regionals and the first bid to Nationals! 🙂

Meanwhile, the girls played and won their first and second games against Emory and UF. The wins advanced us into the finals against GA – another heated game. After the first half of the game, we were down a handful of points and, since there were 2 bids to nationals this year, Siren’s coach (Joe Tilley) decided to conserve everyone’s energy and play the rest of the game lightly so the girl’s would have enough strength to win the next game for that second spot. 

After losing to GA, we played UF again in the game to go. The UCF girls came out strong and held the lead pretty handily throughout the remainder of the game. We scored the last point and everyone rushed the field in a huge celebration! Everyone was screaming and hugging and loving the fact that for the FIRST time in UCF history, the Women’s Ultimate team is going to nationals!!


Pointing to Nationals!

More pictures to come! Right now, I have to finish up the next couple hours at work before heading home and face planting into bed for a quick nap (we got home at 5am this morning!) before our UCF men’s and women’s teams get together for a celebration party tonight! 🙂


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